The Benefits of Building a New Home
Below are some great reasons for building a brand new home, rather than buying pre-existing.


When building a new home, you often get the benefits of good planning when it comes to where you build. Well planned Land Estates offer parks, waterways, schools, shopping etc at your door step. Some estates really are breathtaking especially when compared to established suburbs only kilometers away.


Good designs evolve to suit our changing lifestyles. New designs are very different than homes even built a few years ago. In recent times, plans have more focus on outdoor living spaces and open plan living. With over 120 designs, Gold Award Homes really have something to suit everyone.


Gold Award Homes offer a full 6 year structural guarantee which give piece of mind. Builders must comply with Government guidelines regarding the materials used, building standards and safety requirements.

A Fresh Start

A new home in a new suburb is a great start. Newer areas generally have like minded people in a similar situation, i.e. starting a family etc. This adds to the community feel. Also, you get a blank canvas to work with, and with the help of a colour consultant, you can choose the fixtures, fittings, colors which all add up to make it all yours.

Eco Friendly and Energy Efficient

New Homes are leading the way in sustainability and reduce costs in the longer term, helping the environment. Gold Award Homes built as per our Standard Inclusions are 5 Star Energy Rated as standard!

Value for Money

People are often amazed at what you can get for your money compared to other options. A beautiful new home in an emerging well planned suburb can often be a far better value option than buying an exisitng property. And with the Gold Award's highly competitive pricing for such a high quality spec, you may be surprised.

Investment Reasons

Buying or building new can be a smarter option due to depreciation allowances. If you choose an emerging suburb, the values will also generally increase over time, but as always, seek professional advice to find out how and the best set up for your circumstances. Also, you will have little or no maintanence expenses due to the home being new and covered under warranty, and a new home is often easier to rent and for a better return.


The housing landscape in established areas is changing. People recognise the costs to renovate an older home and compare this to building a new home of choice. It is also worth looking at the end value of a new home on the same block compared to a renovated home.