Why Build with Gold Award Homes

There are many reasons Why you should consider building your new home with Gold Award. We have put together a ton of information for you to study when considering building, the features and benefits of Gold Award Homes, a downloadable Comparison Guide, and our Top Ten Reasons Why You should consider Gold Award to be your builder for your next home.

Why Build New

When deciding to build a new home, you will no doubt ask yourself "Why build a new home at all, wouldn't it be easier and better to buy a home that is already built?". To help you answer this fundamental and good question, we have provided information for our potential clients to help them decide, and to see the benefits of building a new home over buying pre-existing. Click here to see Why Build New.

Comparison Guide

Gold Award have a downloadable Comparison Guide that allows you to effectively compare Gold Award with all other buiders, so you know you will be comparing "apples with apples" when shopping around for a new home builder. Click here for more information.

Features & Benefits

To view the Features & Benefits of building a Gold Award Home at a glance, click here and download our Features & Benefits brochure, and see for yourself why you should seriously consider the value of building with Gold Award.

10 Great Reasons

We have listed what we think are the Top Ten Reasons why building a home with Gold Award should be your first choice.