Small & Narrow Lot Designs

Do you own or plan on buying a Narrow or Small house lot?
Are you planning on Sub-dividing a larger block of Land?
Looking for a builder that has a range of Standard Designs for these types of homesites?

Small Lot Code Small Narrow Lot Design Specialists

Gold Award Homes recognises that these types of homesites are becoming more and more popular, particularly in metropolitan areas, due to the increase in house prices and density. We also have seen the growing need for a quality builder that can offer a range of standard designer plans to cater for the needs of this growing new home market.

Gold Award are now providing our clients with an expanding range of standard home designs for these types of home lots to avoid the extra expense of having a custom design created (which may ultimately defeat the purpose of saving money when purchasing this type of land). These homes seem to be of particular interest to Property Investors due to the affordability.

Gold Award have set up a specific button on the Design Search Page to show the Plans & Prices for the Small & Narrow Lot Designs currently available.