The Building Process & Procedures
The following is an outline of the standard Gold Award Homes procedure for the lead up to the building process:

Site Work

The first step is to organise soil test, wind rating and contour survey (this may be organized by Gold Award on your behalf, allowing us to organise this first step. This however does not bind you to any building contract with Gold Award Homes).

When a plan is chosen, we organise the slab design by an Engineer, specific to that plan and your block of land.

If you wish to proceed, the above mentioned documents are used to determine and calculate any extra site costs required due to cut and fill, soil type etc. If your site does require earthworks to level out the house pad, it is best to leave these earthworks to be organised by the Builder after the contract has been signed. If the ground level is changed after the initial contour survey, slab design and site costs have been done, a new slab design will be required to recalculate the site costs according to the altered conditions and this will cause delays and extra unnecessary expense.

Contract Documents

When site costs have been determined, the final project quote can be calculated. This is calculated using the current standard price of your chosen design at the time of going to contract, plus any costs for modifications to the plan, extra inclusions and site costs. Any general increase to the current standard design price which occurs prior to the contract documents being issued will be applied to the project quote. (All increases to standard prices are shown on the web site when they occur.)

The project quote, when issued, is valid for a period of 2 weeks, if the project quote is accepted by you, we draw up the contract documents for you to sign and return. The signed contract documents are then allocated to a Gold Award associated Builder for his acceptance. (this should all be achieved within this two week period). If the contract is accepted by yourselves after this two week period has elapsed, the project quote may be subject to any relevant price increases that may have taken effect during this two weeks. Also a 5% Deposit is required to be sent with the signed Contract documents. If obtaining finance, please organise this with your financier beforehand. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call your Project Consultant.

Contract with the Builder

The Builder will make contact within a couple of weeks of receiving the contract documents and deposit (deposit is 5% of the contract price and is the first of the projects scheduled payments. The split up of all payments will be shown in the contract documents.)

Upon receipt of the deposit amount the Builder will sign his portion of the contract documents and begin the initial stage. He requires the deposit to organise and pay for the full set of working drawings, Council approvals, Energy requirements, BSA Insurance premium, Workplace Health and Safety requirements etc. When he receives these documents he will pass copies on to you. (If there is a loan involved with the project, it is important to know the requirements of the Bank, in most cases they will not finalise the loan and release any funds until they have copies of the above mentioned documents,.) Therefore, it is important to be aware that you need to be able to pay this deposit payment before the Builder can organise these plans, approvals, insurance etc. (which the Bank may require prior to finalising your finance.)

Throughout the project, the Builder will liaise directly with you in regards to each step of the building process, progress payments etc.