Pricing Policy & Info

What the price includes:

Prices shown on the price list on this website are for Colorbond roofing and Brick Veneer finish OR Rendered Block Construction, depending on the area (Rendering or Bagging of face brick is extra). Prices are based on relevent inclusions shown in the Gold Award Inclusions List (plus some additional inclusions pertaining to certain geographical areas.) The calculations are based on a building site with a maximum of 800mm cut and fill (400 cut, 400 fill) to the house pad and for soil with stable classification and are subject to additional site costs (subject to engineering report after soil testing).

Site Costs:

The price list price or revised design price is subject to Site Costs. Site costs are extra costs required for site preparation and footings. This includes costs of machine hire, steel, concrete supply & pumping, extra earthworks, extra tie down/bracing due to wind rating etc. These amounts may arise due to excess cut and fill, modifications of slab design due to soil classification or alterations to house design etc. Site costs are calculated for each individual building project and are based on the information obtained from the initial Contour Survey, Soil Test and Engineers Footing design. On rare occasions, a variation in soil conditions or the presence of rock may become apparent only after earthworks have commenced, on these occasions the footing design will be revised and any necessary alterations to the footing design determined. If additional earthworks or modification to the footing design is required at this late stage, additional site costs may be incurred. (We insist on building to ‘Best Building Practice’)

Modifications and Variations:

Minor modifications to the floor plan (lowsets only) or available variations to the Standard Inclusions such as rendering or bagging of brickwork, extra doors or windows, wall insulation, ceiling fans, higher ceilings (lowsets only) etc. will alter the standard price. We are able to calculate the extra costs and give you a revised design price, subject to site costs. These variations and associated costs will be itemised in the contract documents. Approved, suitable modifications to the standard floor plan can only be made to lowset designs.


An Allowance is an amount included in the contract for items that are not standard Gold Award Inclusions or available variations to Standard Inclusions (see above), examples are sewerage treatment systems, water tanks, upgrade of standard kitchen or bathroom finishes etc. An allowance is an estimated amount in the contract for the inclusion of these items. During the building process, the Builder will get firm quotes for these items and organise installation. Copies of invoices will be given to you and any variation in price from the original allowance will be collected or refunded to you by the Builder.
Note: amounts included as an allowance attract a Builders margin of 20% + GST.

Best Building Practice:

As part of our best building practice, all of our houses are constructed with an Engineer designed slab and footings (as mentioned in the Gold Award Inclusions List). To do this we require a soil test, wind rating and contour survey of the block. If organising these yourself, it is important to check that the Engineering company chosen to provide the soil test can also produce a slab design and (during construction), a slab inspection as we require these as part of our building practice. To make the building process easier for you, we can organise these tests and surveys on your behalf, this is done with a ‘Preliminary Agreement’ document, it does not lock you into a building contract but rather makes certain that sufficient documentation is received at a reasonable price, to calculate site costs, etc. to ensure you get a quality home. It is important to keep in mind that this first stage is necessary and it takes time to complete each step.

The initial stage of organising the soil test, contour survey, working drawings, slab design & site costs (which are the steps necessary to get to contract stage) can take up to 8 weeks for lowset and highset designs. The builder will arrange submission of plans to Council for approval etc before commencing (Council approval times can vary depending on location). The approximate time frame for building is 160 -170 days for lowset and 180 – 200 days for highsets.