Getting Started
Getting started along the path of building a new home can be a daunting challenge for many people, but with Gold Award, building a new home can be one of the most rewarding experiences you may have. Ensuring this remains a good experience is the primary aim of Gold Award, and being upfront about all the requirements is the first step.

Step 1 - Finding and Buying the Right Land

This is important as there are many factors about your chosen homesite that can affect your new home, and the costs associated with building it. It is often helpful to contact on of Gold Award's Project Consultants to help you decide if the block is suitable for the design you are after. Often, with Town Planning requirements, boudary setbacks, covenents etc, you may not be able to build your preferred design on some blocks. Also, the slope of the land can be a big factor. Gold Award only build homes with an on-ground slab, and if the land has too much slope or is too active, this may not be possible, and a pole home will be required.

Step 2 - Choosing Your Design

Once you have a block of land, next you will need to choose a design. We have many to choose from in the Gold Award Standard range, but if you cannot find the right plan, contact us for advice.

Step 3 - Preliminaries & Project Quote

Before we enter into a Building Contract, we do what is called a "Preliminary Agreement" with you. This is where Gold Award act on your behalf to undertake certain requirments in regards to your block so we can accurately estimate if there will be any additional costs to build your home.

So we organise an Engineer to do a Soil Test of your block to determine the soil type, as well as a Wind Rating report so we can design the correct bracing and tie down requirments, a Contour Survey to determine the slope of the block, an Engineer Designed Slab Plan & Report determined by the Soil Type and Contours of the site, and then finally a complete set of Working Drawings of your chosen design sited on your block - ready for going to contract and Council certification.

Once we have the Engineers Slab Design and Working drawings, we can see if there are additional expenses to build the design, and this is determined BEFORE you enter into a Building Contract. Often other building companies will let you know these additional costs after you have paid the required 5% deposit, and risk forfeiting the deposit if you cannot meet the additional site costs.

During this time, your Project Consultant will have produced a Project Quote to outline any changes you have requested and the additional cost involved.

Step 4 - Contract

If at this stage you are satisfied with everything, a Standard HIA Building Contract will be drawn up ready for you to sign. This contract will require a 5% deposit of the contract amount to get the building underway. You will have to arrange this with your financier. You will also have to have finance in place.

Step 5 - Meet the Builder

Once the contract has been signed by you and the builder, the builder will contact you to introduce himself, and outline the next step and get underway with construction.

So to get started, call Gold Award today - 1800 465 322