Comparison Guide - Compare Us with Other Builders
We have put together a Comparison Guide Chart in PDF format for you to download (click here) and use to compare builders when looking to build. We believe that only when you compare 'apples with apples' can you really determine whether or not you are getting a "good price" to build your new home.

Gold Award Inclusions Comparison Guide

At Gold Award Homes, we would encourage you to go out and see what the other builders have to offer. It is only through being correctly informed and knowing what to look for that you will be able to get the best value for your money when choosing a builder.

The formula for building is pretty simple, and there are a few factors that influence the price of building a new home:

Materials + Labour + Builders Profit = Cost to Build New Home

The only a few factors that can influence what you are paying for your home:

1. Volume of homes the builder builds - if you are dealing with a builder who is capable of building a greater number of homes, then they may build with less profit margin and have better buying power to get better rates on materials and labour, but the downside is that the quality of the homes may be inferior if the builder wants to keep a high profit margin.

2. Quality of the Materials & Inclusions - if the builder wants to cut costs and give a better price on a quote, he can cut his profit or cut back on inclusions and the quality of materials used.

The best way to avoid getting ripped off -
download the guide and do your homework!

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Gold Award Inclusions Comparison Guide

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