10 Great Reasons to Build with Gold Award Homes
There are many reasons that we believe you should strongly consider building your new home or investment property with Gold Award - here are the top 10!

1. Your Total Peace of Mind knowing your Investment is safe

We have all heard the stories in the news about large building companies being closed down and leaving hundreds of clients, who have already invested a lot of money in the construction of their homes, high and dry, out of pocket and in some cases - financial ruin. Building with Gold Award protects you from this kind of corporate collapse, as we are a large group of small independent builders, and we protect our clients by ensuring that all of our associated builders can comfortably handle the workload and financial requirements to build the contracts we supply to them, as required by state law.

2. Our Group Buying Power Saves YOU Money

Being at the forefront of a large group of builders, and as a group, building a large volume of homes throughout Queensland, we get the benefit of reduced costs from our suppliers as we buy as a group, but the benefit to the suppliers is that they have the safety of having accounts with each builder, which protects them from the risk of large company accounts not being paid. Our suppliers love us, and we are more than happy to pass these savings onto our loyal customers. And it is through these savings that we can provide such a high quality home at very competitive prices.

3. Deal Direct with your Builder - no passing the buck!

Another benefit of building a Gold Award Home is that you will be dealing directly with the builder who is contracted to build your home. Most larger companies employ paid supervisors to oversee the construction and liase with clients, and often the licenced builder will not even see your home being built. And as the supervisors are not ultimately responsible or accountable, they often don't care about your home. But this is your home, and we believe that your relationship with directly with your builder is extremely important, and we have found that with accountability comes responsibility, and with responsibility comes quality - you get to deal with the builder who signs his own name to the quality of your home and who guarantees its structural quality - and you can't get better than that!

4. Quality is Standard in every Gold Award Home

Every builder claims that they build a quality home - makes sense. But just do you really know what makes a home a "quality" home. Often it is the parts that you can't see that are the critical parts of the structural quality of a home - and often this is where other builders cut corners to offer a "cheaper price". But in the building industry, there is a lot of truth in the old saying "You get what you pay for!". As we utilise the services of independent quality builders, who are directly accountable for their workmanship, we have designed our homes, inclusions and specifications in consultation with these builders, and we only offer, as a minimum, a home that the builder would build for themselves. We only offer tried and tested traditional engineer designed slabs with footings, no waffle pods or cheaper slab systems, to ensure your home wont crack. We offer treated frames and trusses as standard, sarking, wall and roof insulation, 5mm tinted windows, quality fittings and appliances and the list goes on.

5. More Locations - and growing!

Gold Award are now building homes in over 33 regions throughout Queensland, and now in NSW. And one of the main reasons that we have become so successful throughout Queensland is that we build the same designs, inclusions, quality and value - no matter what region we build in - you know what you are going to get! We provide the opportunity for local builders to compete with the big guys in regards to having plans, marketing, brochures, websites, systems, group buying power, professional sales agents, clear documentation, estimation, drafting, designs and procedures. In return, the builders build a quality home according to our specification, on time - everytime!

6. 5 & 6 Star Energy Efficient Homes are Standard

Our Standard Homes come rated as 5 Star Energy Efficient Rating, with most now achieving a 6 Star Rating as Standard. This is because we include as standard items such as: Wall & Roof Insulation, Tinted 5mm Windows, Solar Heat Pump Hot Water Systems. We do this because we genuinely care about the impact we all have on our environment. Stay tuned for more information as we are looking at ways in which to make all the homes we build Carbon Neutral, as well as offering better deals on Solar and altenative energy systems.

7. No Traps - We let you know what to expect up front!

Beware of falling into the trap of signing a building contract and paying a deposit (usually 5%) before you know exactly what the costs will be. At Gold Award, we undertake a Preliminary Agreement with our clients where we organise a qualified Engineering company to undertake a Soil Test, Wind Rating and Contour Survey of your land and determine the slab system to comply with the Soil type and conditions present as well as the amount of Cut and Fill required to level the site, as required by state law. We also organise the drafting of Engineered Working Drawings of your design as it will be built on your land. This then allows us to accurately determine if there will be additional costs associated with building your preferred design on your land, BEFORE signing into a building contract with us. Many times we have heard of disgruntled clients entering into a building contract, only to discover the additional costs that are required to construct the home and/or to finish it off "the same as the display home". Unfortunately for these people, they either have to find the additional funds or lose their deposit. So our advice is to always know exactly what you are signing up for.

8. More Designs, More Choice - all priced and ready to build when you are!

At Gold Award, we know that everybody is different and that means having a large range of designs to choose from. Currently we have over 250 standard designs in our Designer Range and in our Turnkey Range - and we are constantly adding new designs on a regular basis. "Why does Gold Award need so many designs - why don't you just design a new home for each clients individual needs?" is a question we are often asked. The answer is to save our clients time and money! We do this by having designs ready to go, so we are confident in most cases that we will have a design similar to the clients design, and with concepts already done, are ready to lodge to council nearly straight away - saving weeks (and sometimes months) in getting your home started. Also, because we have built nearly all the homes in our range, we know exactly how much they cost to build, and therfore can offer you an accurate price upfront as displayed on our website - No "From" prices here! This also saves a lot of time, and therefore money. You wouldn't buy a pair of jeans if you didn't know what they cost, and as far as we are concerned, the same applies to our homes.

9. Gold Award Clients are Happy Clients

Due to our honest approach to our business and the quality of our Builders, our Suppliers and our Inclusions, we find that we have a huge family of happy and satisfied clients. We are constantly receiving referrals from previous clients, and we have many clients who we have built 3 or more homes for. Our referrals are a very important part of the success of Gold Award Homes, particularly in the smaller regional areas we are building in, where one bad comment or experience can have a devastating effect on a business.

10. We keep it Local

Wherever possible, Gold Award utilise the services of local suppliers, builders and tradesmen. Working this wa,y we become involved with each community, and utilise our professional services to improve and build the businesses in the local community. This way, we are not seen as fly-by-nighters or the Big Boys from Outta Town - and this comes at no additional cost to the builders and suppliers, which ultimately means that we can offer more genuinely affordable homes and a well built home that anyone will be proud of!

We beleive that there are many more reasons to consider building a Gold Award Home.
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